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Selected Catalogues
2015 Ed Zelenak: Divining the Immeasurable, (Museum London, London, Ontario: 2015)
2006 Ed Zelenak (Thames Art Gallery, Chatham Cultural Centre, Chatham, Ontario: 2006)
1981 Recent Wallworks and Sculptures (Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: 1981)
  2001 Five Contemporary Canadian Artists in India (Thomson Press: 2001)
  1997 Shape Shifters: Sculpture and the Modern Age (Art Gallery of Hamilton: 1997)
  1995 Na Hranici Znaku - At the Edge of the Sign (New Association of Prague Artists: 1995)
    Matter For Consideration (The Art Gallery at Harbourfront, Toronto, Ontario: 1984)
  1989 Finding a Place, Selected Works 1976-1988 (London Regional Art Gallery, London, Ontario: 1989)
  1972 5 Canadian Artists (The Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art: 1972)
  1970 3e International de Galeries pilotes - Artistes et Decouvreurs de Notre Temps (Muses Cantonal des Beaux-Arts: 1970)
  1969 A Plastic Presence (The Milwaukee Art Centre: 1969)
  1968 Heart of London (Ottawa: National Gallery of Canada, 1968)
Book Inclusions
  2008 John K. Grande, Art Allsorts: Writings on Art & Artists (Montreal; Random Tree Editions/Go If Press, 2008)
  1998 Joan Murray, The Best Contemporary Art (Hurtig,1988)